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Hello Everyone!... I know i know, i havent posted an update in a little while my bad.. Buttt i hope this will make up for it ;3


Spawners! As some of you know on the old NU spawners were mineable and buyable.. They were also OP as heck.. BUT that dosent mean i was going to atleast try and add them in ;) Spawners are now mineable by using the silk touch enchant! Just simply walk up to a spawner and mine it with a pick axe that has silk touch. Bam easy enough! Now before you get your hopes up, no you cannot place a skeleton spawner in the nether. in fact you cant place any spawner in the nether so please remember that when mining a blaze spawner. Calling all donors! Im currently looking into a possible spawner shop for you guys. So keep an eye out for that!

Spawners when mined.

New Features? Recently the staff and i did an overhaul on the Player shops and builldings. We now have a new spawn! Along with a new market place where player shops are located. You can get to it all Via the ./store command! I have been playing with the custom help menu in game. It has been reworked and things have been added/redone. If you ever need help with somthing please check the ./help menu first! If you question is not answered there please dont be afraid to ask staff or ask in our discord channels.


I know we have been saying that minigames is under development (and it is). I just wanted toadd this reassure you all the the staff team and i are working hard on getting minigames running smoothly before we launch it. Some of you may know this but setting up one minigame map can take up to an hour depending on the gamemode. We will always keep you updated on progress and be sure to stay active asi asks for testers here and there. ;)


Heya Everyone, as you guys probably have seen the server is now a network. what that means is we have a hub server. You connect to this server to connect to other servers! Now to make this announcement feed not as confusing im color coding everything. So from now on anything with the purple 'Global' Title will apply to the server globally! Server colors are as follows: 

Survival, Minigames(not open)KitPvP.

Kitpvp: KitPvP is now live! You can get there by joining to the hub and selecting it from the server selector! Now keep in mind it is new so kits may be changed around and new ones might be added. Any bugs/suggestions put them in the forums or discord channels. 

Survival: Its the 30th so that means Podiums! Because of morph messing up survival we are only doing top voters and donors this month!

Top Donor(s): Jadyn601 - Everyone Please thank jad for donating. Even the smallest donations help keep the server running!

Top Voters:

  1. SodapopYTE 1 Rare Key 10k Moneys
  2. ItsGess 1 Common Key 7k moneys
  3. Ryleyy 1 UnCommon Key 5k moneys

Along with podiums i have been updating survival here and there. the ./help menu is now finished. Runecrafting should be working correctly now and i added the ./hub command. ( i know seems simple but that took me ages to fucking do <3)

Check out our Donation store!

Donating is an option you don't have to. All money donated goes right back to the server. Helps pay for it and the website! We offer loads of options ranging from Homes to custom ranks! Everyone who donates gets a Crate key with the donation along with a cool donator role in the servers discord. If you donate and there are problems please contact staff immediately! Using our discords 'Morphbrokeit' channel is an easy way to tell staff if somthing is broken! If there are any items you want to see be added to the server store please comment them in the suggestions channel on discord. (if you dont have discord suggest them in the forums!)

McMMO Top!

Whats this? mcmmo top? Yes i know theres a fancy scoreboard that tells you whats what BUT.. In spawn we have a mctop section in one of the four corners. IN this corner there are podiums with that weeks mcTOP in Mining, WoodCutting, Repair, Acrobatics, Swords, and Power lvl (mctop). The staff and i have decided that each week those 6 podiums will be updated. And in turn any players on the top spots will be rewarded a rare crate key! Sooo..

Congrats to: Artyyyyx2 - SodaPopYTE - Ryleyyx2 - BaxaLOL Please contact Morphie for your crate keys!

Small things:

Things are still a work in progress. If somthing seems off or you think its wrong please put it in #morphbrokeit in discord.

With that being said morph is going to be adding and messing around with features of the server... so if somthing breaks blame morph... heh

Thats all i've got for now!

Whats up guys! ive got a little update post here for you.

The Staff and i have officially decided the launch date of the server!

We will be launching on Jan. 13 2017(Friday) We hope to see every one there!

In other news here is a list of updates that have happened:

- Donation Shop is Almost done.

- Vote rewards and sites have been added.

- Donation Ranks! Check them out in the store! (Dont purchase until Launch)

- Launch trailer? - Work in Progress

- Crates have been added!

- We no longer are doing quests.. :/ to much to set up Plus no good plugins. (That i like)

Want to watch the staff fail? Join our Discord!

Morph <- heh me I've added a server chat channel! You can chat on the discord that is linked dirrectly to the server chat!  

Join here -

Code - hNd97ga (Mobile)

Thats all i have for now join the website as a registered member! - Morph

Welcome to Nucraft's Official website.

Please be sure to sign up and earn the member rank! Also be sure to check here often as this is where most updates will be posted!

Discord and IRC are being setup so please be patient! The donation store should be up ASAP.

Right now the server is in Development. The staff and i are working very hard to bring you the best server possible.

If you have any suggestions please leave them down in the comments below. (Have to sign up i think to commment)


I will have a suggestions forum up soon! Also discord will have a suggestions channel.

Updates about server progress will be posted here.

Thank you guys for stopping by i hope you will enjoy!

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